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Darbo pobūdis:

* Deliver complex .NET 4.5 / MVC 5 / C# / ASP.NET solutions, including documentation and unit testing;
* Apply technical processes to solve complex problems;
* Work within an Agile development process.
* Develop quality products and deliver them on schedule.
* Coordinate with project work teams to ensure adherence to policies, achievement of quality targets and delivery on schedule milestones.
* Ability to work remotely.


* At least 3 years of functional web development, web programming and architecting and planning quality technical solutions;
* Ability to implement unit testing and release management procedures whilst working within a controlled system development lifecycle environment;
* Experience of detailing, estimating timescales for and allocating development tasks accurately and appropriately;
* Thorough understanding of web development using C#, Visual Studio, .NET (4.0, 4.5);
* Advanced SQL skills, optimization experience, SQL Server 2012 database design, general database administration;
* ASP.NET (MVC), HTML, Java Script, CSS Ajax, jQuery, JSON, TDD, communication skills.
* We hope that you are a self-started individual, able to perform in-depth research in completely unfamiliar field, like general medicine;
* We hope that you possess complete comprehension of written English technical and scientific texts. (verbal communication in English is not a requirement).

Peržiūrėti galite ČIA 8 521 07500
El. p.:
Miestas: Vilnius

Skelbimo ID: P3586521

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