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Milling machine MAHO MH 600E
Kaina, €:18 500 € (63 876.80 Lt)

The milling machine in good condition, not working surfaces unworn and error free.
Maho who is the largest and the leading German metal CNC milling machines, lathes and machine center manufacturers in the world, with benches used for the production of very precise components such as engine components for automotive and so on.
Milling machine accuracy is 0.001 mm, 3-axis, 20 seater automatic grain exchange, Max feedrate 6000mm / min, max 4500 rpm / min, so the grain of internal as well as the external cooling, the the axle gear X600 Y450 Z450 With the addition of a cable remote control 0 points to locate and manually milling.
The milling machine is manufactured in the year 1991, the machine comes with all the factory documentation, such as wiring diagrams, machine constraints, user guide, tutorials. in addition to programs tutorials, etc.
The milling machine is able to connect to your computer and use later Edgecam milling program to make even the most complex details in a very short time. Thanks for connecting a computer program can be, grains and other necessary input to the computer only. It is possible to mill milling machine without entering the program or manually.
As Maho benches can be widely used in Europe to buy a bench in all kinds of different accessories and spare parts at a later date, such as a CNC-controlled turntable, chip conveyor, air cleaning machine, etc.
The milling machine is still in use, possible to see on work.
Videos detail has been hastily installed this also the reason why the cutting depth is different.
Towards the end of the hole drilling is set so that the hole in the top half of the cage increases (to distract from the grain chips) and moves back in again.

For questions, please feel free to contact only people who are interested.

Location is Estonia!
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