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We are looking for -
.Net Developer

Project:Information system for monitoring and analysing the operations of vessels

Team:12 team members, 9 of them .Net developers

What we expect from our new team member:

At least 2 year of experience in C# / .Net developing
Extensive knowledge and experience with RDMS (SQL, MySQL)
Be familiar with ORM frameworks (Entity framework, NHibernate, Telerik)
Experience working with WCF, web API
Good technical knowledge of MVC / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
Experience using Version Control Systems (TFS, SVN, GIT)
Your responsibility, initiative and creativity
Fluent English language

What our new team member can expect from us:

Custom enterprise software development
Experience in Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
Ability to work with high load, traffic and availability systems
Experience with UI frameworks (KendoUI, Angular, Knockout, TypeScript, jQuery, DEVExpress)
Ability to use MSDN, pluralsight subscription
Research & Development, various workshops
New friends at/after work and competitive salary
Opportunity to be a part of EnjoyIT

More about us: www.enjoyIT.lt


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