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Screw compressor Alup SCK 41-10
Kaina, €:2 350 € (8 114.08 Lt)

Compressor is in good condition. Previously is regularly maintained by the Alup maintenance technicians. Compressor was used in factory in separate room, where he worked in a clean and ideal conditions.

During the maintenance has been exchanged the oil, oil filter, air filter and separator filters.
- Compressor have control unit Aircontrol 1, where it is possible to change the compressor pressure and other important operating parameters, display a variety of error messages and future maintenance.

- Compressor have installed by the factory air cooled also heat exchanger. Thanks to the heat exchanger is possible:
* keep the compressor in a room where is no ventilation systems for cooling.
* Compressor work expended energy recycle and reprocess for other purposes, where is needed hot water. As water heaters, washing facilities, showers, heating systems. Energy restore in your compressor oil circuit, considerably reduces the costs for your heating water.

(Two exactly the same compressors are in stock)

2 months warranty.

It is possible to get form us the air dryer, air tank and filters. And if it is necessary, we deliver and install the whole system. Contact us and ask a offer for the kit.

Producer: Alup
Model: SCK 41-10
Year: 1996
Productivity: 4200L/min 10 Bar
Motor: 30 Kw
Hours: 42 150 h
Power: 400V / 50 Hz / 3 F
Weight: Ca. 600 Kg
Noise: Ca. 71 dB

Location is Estonia
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