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We are looking for -
Senior Java Developer

Project: you will be working on full-blown VOIP solution for enterprises with thousands of users. Java backend applications is where your help is needed.

Team: 10 team members, 4 of them Java developers

It would be great if you:

are experienced and skilled core Java developer
know how Java multithreading and concurrency is done right
never sacrifice code quality for short-term goals
are able to analyze, measure and optimize code performance
can refactor crappy code to gems
are feeling SOLID and can talk in Design Patterns and have OO design skills
have great ideas on how software should be constructed and materialize those ones
feel you'll be ready to coach or teach younger colleagues in the future
take complex systems as a challenge

We expect you to:

demonstrate deep core Java knowledge daily by writing great code
question customer's code quality and be able to show how it's done right
be innovative in project and outside of it
posses skills on SQL beyond the basics
communicate English freely with non-native customers
be passionate about technology and never stop sharping your skills
be comfortable working in a team

We offer:

colleagues who can't wait to listen to your great ideas
team that values motivated and passionate members
team of experienced professionals
Scandinavian customer mentality
an agility of startup company project
work in the company that actually cares about technology
workshops, research & development, training materials, books, ability to get certified
opportunity to be a part of EnjoyIT

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