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We are looking for -
Senior Progress Developer

Project: Developing a new system for one of the greatest international bank. Node.js, SWIG, Kendo UI, jQuery and other latest technologies are used in Web front-end development together with Progress RDBMS back-end.

Team: 10 team members

What we expect from our new team member:

At least 4 years of experience in Progress ABL and OpenEdge RDBMS
Good technical knowledge of Progress Application Servers
Experience working with front-end and back-end
Experience working with Web Services (as a caller and as a provider, SOAP, REST)
Experience in OOP
Good technical knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
Experience working with templating engines (FreeMarker, SWIG)
Experience using Version Control Systems (GIT, Mercurial, SVN)
Experience in *nix shell scripting
Experience in requirements elaboration and tasks specification
Your responsibility, initiative and creativity, thinking out of the box
Teamwork by Agile Scrum methodology

It would advantage of our new team member:

Experience working with Progress Pacific Application Server
Experience working with Progress GUI and ChUI
Experience working with SonicMQ/Sonic ESB/Progress DataDirect
Experience using Node.js (thin client)
Experience in back-end and front-end tests automation
UML knowledge and modeling tools (Enterprise Architect, MagicDraw, Microsoft Visio)

What our new team member can expect from us:

Custom enterprise software development
Experience working with experts of different domains
Chance to work on high load, traffic and availability systems
Freedom to choose technological solution and implementation
Training and Conferences
Research & Development, various workshops
New friends at/after work and competitive salary
Opportunity to be a part of EnjoyIT

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