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Universalus remote valdiklis
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Aprašymas anglų kalba:
- This Product adds sub-woofer level controls or balances a multiple amplifier installation. Fine tunes the volume of any RCA line level
signal you want to control. Compact housing allows the unit to be mounted virtually anywhere so control is at the user’s fingertips.
Simple in and out connections, no additional wiring needed. Great for a sub amp volume control.
- Just rotate the button gently, and the different frequencies can make the song sounds different. It feels pretty
good and convenient!

Name:Car Power Amplifier Volume Regulator
Material:plastic shell
Interface: 2*RCA Output; 2*RCA Input
Cable length: Approx. 18cm / 7.1inch
Mounting holes distance: Approx. 4.7cm
Two ways of regulation
1.Tone-up regulation
2.Frequency regulation

Compatible:Car Universal
Use:This remote amplifier level control is used to adjust an amplifier's power level, stereo, equalizer or crossover volume form the dashboard or other remote locations.

Features :
* Mount in or under the dash
* Dash Mount Amplifier Level Control for Volume Adjustment
* Can Adjust the Amplifier Gain While Driving
* Perfect for Balancing the System to Change Music Styles
* Simple in and out connections, no additional wiring needed
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