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By ordering the Virtual Office (registration address) services:

• Save time and money without staffing the office;
• Register your business address at your place of residence;
• Legal address of the company's registration in the city center Gedimino ave. 45-4, Vilnius;
• Access to office space - meetings (at an additional cost);
• Reception and storage of corporate correspondence;
• Email notification mail about received correspondence;
• The report is available in Lithuanian, Russian and English;
• At the request of the client, we scan the specified letter and forward the email. mail;
• For an additional fee, we will forward the correspondence to the address you specified.

The virtual office (registration address) is a solution that is increasingly popular among growing Lithuanian business people. This service allows the company's managers to maintain mobility and create a positive image of the company. At the same time it reduces the costs associated with renting an office. Thanks to the virtual office, you can opt out of renting a traditional office space for business.

• New or older company that has already performed a business;;
• Licensed transport companies;
• In rural areas, eligible companies are eligible for EU support;


• MB, UAB, IĮ, ŽŪB and others. establishment of new companies;
• MB, UAB, IĮ, ŽŪB and others. the purchase of enterprises;
• Preparation, reorganization of company documents (amendment of the articles of association, shareholder, director);
• Registration address + virtual office;
• Зreparation of migration documents, coordination with relevant institutions;
• Accounting;
• Licensing of transport companies;
• Certification of construction companies.

For more information, please contact:
Phone no.: +37052335050
Phone no.: +37060020027
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