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We have gold bullion and gold powder for sale
Kaina, €:28 000 € (96 678.40 Lt)

Hello sir
We are a group of miners seeking a partner. Sure and reliable buyer or not and also people can .Switch we live relationship with serious prospective buyers. Your Commissions is guaranteed. We are ready to provide all the necessary information for any purchase from us For Sale d`une. Metal Quantity Gold (22K more) .Currently available in Kenya a contract signing opportunity for a monthly or quarterly .Livraison which quantity will be. Later known, for a reasonable interest. The merchandise Contains the following: Origin: Central African Republic, purity: at least 93%, Quality: 22K more. metal refining. In a foundry of choice l`acheteur.
Thank you to contact us for more information on my Skype: hubain.gomez or email:
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